New Technologies For Outdoor Fire Detection

fcam1Reliable fire detection outdoors had always been challenging, at least up to just recently ago.

Most of the time, outdoor fire detection meant that persons had to be employed, as watchful guides on observation towers, carefully watching over forests or large commercial structures as the only feasible way for fire detection.

This has changed with the advent of outdoor fire sensors in recent time. These fire sensors can now detect fires where it had been impossible before.

What are fire sensors?

The name fire sensor may be somewhat misleading since these devices are not making use of sensors in a traditional sense. Rather than sensing heat or smoke (like smoke detectors or sprinklers), these systems are actually video cameras equipped with advanced digital imaging software.

From the outside, these fire cameras look like ordinary CCTV cameras and they can also be used for this purpose. What makes them different however is their ability to detect a fire on the live video feed. Modern fire cameras can detect a fire even from a distance of several hundred meters, and they are also fast and reliable: A fire camera such as the fcam by Ciquirix can detect a fire within 15 seconds. What’s more, these systems are also equipped with GPS and can call the fire brigade as soon as they detect a fire, complete with the exact location of the fire.

The biggest advantage of these digital fire detection systems and fire cameras is that they can work from a distance and that they can monitor a much larger area. This makes them suitable for monitoring outdoor areas such as forests, beaches and golf courses but they can also work to monitor oil rigs, stadiums, manufacturing plants and many other large complexes and structures.

For many types of businesses and organisations which are already having a CCTV system in place, incorporating these fire sensors is in particular easy and straightforward. They can simply replace existing traditional CCTV cameras with modern digital fire detection sensors.

Furniture Made From Reclaimed Wood


Furniture made from aged, wooden timbers has become very popular, not only by the eco-conscious but moreover also by all those people who value unique and stylish interior furniture.

In the UK, the craze with furniture made from reclaimed wood timbers started several years ago. On the forefront, several successful furniture makers such as Mac & Wood from London UK.

Initially, the unique furniture pieces had been designed for kitchens and eating areas. Over time, however, increasingly more home owners have discovered how reclaimed wood is also a great choice for furniture for the office or meeting room.

It didn’t take long until Mac & Wood, mainly due to their vast success expanded their selection and is now also offering office furniture together with their classic dining sets from reclaimed wood.

Recently, the furniture maker also started to offer their frames in various colours, besides the always classy and stylish brushed chrome look.

Do You Know The Singing Waiters?

If you ever happen to visit the United Kingdom, and here in particular London, you should definitely make sure you can see The Singing Waiters. The Singing Waiters are an what’s known as surprise entertainment act and you may possibly have the best chance to see them when you come to the UK in the summer months.

The Singing Waiters are most often performing for private occasions like wedding receptions and similar events, but they are also at times performing flash mobs in public spots like shopping centres and similar.

What makes The Singing Waiters so special and you should receive them?

Well, for starters, surprise entertainment is always a lot of fun! These guys are usually dressed up with means that you won’t even know that they are attending some event until their performance starts.

The other thing which makes The Singing Waiters special is that every member of the group has professional dance and singing training. They’re not just some amateurs but can really deliver world-class entertainment. So if you happen to be in London I highly recommend that you see them if you can!

The Outdoor Living Trends 2016

Outdoor living is big in trend today. Experts predict that the market will top $5.7 billion in 2016.

If you want to know about upcoming outdoor living trends, I recommend to you that you check out the top outdoor living trends 2016 at Yahoo.

Learn everything about “outdoor rooms”, stylish deck railings, high-tech decks and last but least the latest trends in outdoor cooking.

Leading industry experts will go over and explain all the latest developments in the sector to help you stay up-to-date with outdoor living trends for 2016.

If you’re Looking for a Good School in or near Hertfordshire

good private school in Hertfordshire
Living in the United Kingdom definitely has some advantages and one of them is the world renowned reputation of our private and independent schools.

British private and independent schools are in fact so high in demand that folks from far off countries including Asia and Arabia are sending their children to the United Kingdom to learn and to study.

One thing is for sure, if you have a visit of a British private school on your resume you can greatly increase your chances to get a well paying job. Employers today are very keen on education history and sometimes just the mention of one of the renowned schools in UK is all that is needed to get you into a great company.

Are you living in the Hertfordshire area? I am mentioning Hertfordshire since this is were we live. Because of that my family has sort of an extensive experience when it comes to education options here in our area. We too spent quite some time looking for a good private independent school in  Hertfordshire. And after several months searching and comparing several schools we are now very happy with the Kingshottschool. So if you live here I can highly recommended the school to your children.

Cool Ideas For This May Holiday Weekend In London

The May bank holidays are here and this is one of the times where a lot of folks are looking for things to do in and around London.

Now, London sure is not exactly famous for its constant beautiful and sunny weather. If you are smart you should always make plans that can accommodate to any type of weather. In fact, you would be better off expecting a really ugly and rainy bank holiday this weekend and plan accordingly.

I don’t want to spoil your fun, but is predicting a May weekend colder than this past Christmas Day!

Should this come to, don’t let the London weather dishearten you. This would be the perfect time to visit one of the numerous museums and exhibitions in the capital.

The above page at Metro magazine has some really cool events listed were you won’t have to worry about the weather. So check it out if you’re still looking for fun things to do this May holiday!

OutDoor Fun in Guildford

river wey

Not everyone wants to head towards the beach, joining the crowds of others as soon as it gets nice and warm outside. The good thing is, you don’t have to since there are many great opportunities for outdoor fun right here in our own backyard right here around Guildford.

Guildford has a big variety of gorgeous spots if you like the outdoors plus it has everything you could want if you want to travel with your family.

The property at Clandon Park sure is one of the U.K.’s best examples for a Palladian mansion. There is plenty to see for you and your family. The restaurant can also be highly recommended, it is a great spot where you can enjoy tea in the afternoon.

If you’re looking for a tranquil place where you might want to enjoy a book, you may want to visit Dapdune Wharf in Guildford. Tip: Don’t forget to bring a blanket!

For anyone who wants to have some fun in Guildford, Guildford Castle sure be high up on their list!

The historic monument sits on top of that Great Tower and will provide a stunning view of Guildford’s countryside! There is also a small gift shop in the castle where can get some souvenirs and similar knickknacks. Admission fee to the castle is very reasonable. £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.

The Guildford Lido  water park is another cool place you should definitely see. It’s the ideal location if it is getting really hot in the summertime. You were children sure will love to spend a day at the Lido!

The above Outdoor and Fitness tips are brought to you by London Fields Fitness, the Hackney Gym for everyone who loves the outdoors!