Furniture Made From Reclaimed Wood


Furniture made from aged, wooden timbers has become very popular, not only by the eco-conscious but moreover also by all those people who value unique and stylish interior furniture.

In the UK, the craze with furniture made from reclaimed wood timbers started several years ago. On the forefront, several successful furniture makers such as Mac & Wood from London UK.

Initially, the unique furniture pieces had been designed for kitchens and eating areas. Over time, however, increasingly more home owners have discovered how reclaimed wood is also a great choice for furniture for the office or meeting room.

It didn’t take long until Mac & Wood, mainly due to their vast success expanded their selection and is now also offering office furniture together with their classic dining sets from reclaimed wood.

Recently, the furniture maker also started to offer their frames in various colours, besides the always classy and stylish brushed chrome look.