New Technologies For Outdoor Fire Detection

fcam1Reliable fire detection outdoors had always been challenging, at least up to just recently ago.

Most of the time, outdoor fire detection meant that persons had to be employed, as watchful guides on observation towers, carefully watching over forests or large commercial structures as the only feasible way for fire detection.

This has changed with the advent of outdoor fire sensors in recent time. These fire sensors can now detect fires where it had been impossible before.

What are fire sensors?

The name fire sensor may be somewhat misleading since these devices are not making use of sensors in a traditional sense. Rather than sensing heat or smoke (like smoke detectors or sprinklers), these systems are actually video cameras equipped with advanced digital imaging software.

From the outside, these fire cameras look like ordinary CCTV cameras and they can also be used for this purpose. What makes them different however is their ability to detect a fire on the live video feed. Modern fire cameras can detect a fire even from a distance of several hundred meters, and they are also fast and reliable: A fire camera such as the fcam by Ciquirix can detect a fire within 15 seconds. What’s more, these systems are also equipped with GPS and can call the fire brigade as soon as they detect a fire, complete with the exact location of the fire.

The biggest advantage of these digital fire detection systems and fire cameras is that they can work from a distance and that they can monitor a much larger area. This makes them suitable for monitoring outdoor areas such as forests, beaches and golf courses but they can also work to monitor oil rigs, stadiums, manufacturing plants and many other large complexes and structures.

For many types of businesses and organisations which are already having a CCTV system in place, incorporating these fire sensors is in particular easy and straightforward. They can simply replace existing traditional CCTV cameras with modern digital fire detection sensors.